participants -- very cyberfeminist international
  • cornelia sollfrank (D) <>
    is an artist, living in Hamburg, Berlin and Celle, Germany. Central to her conceptual and performative works are the relation between art and politics, changing notions of art and the advent of a new image of the artist in the information age, gender-specific handling of technology, as well as the deconstruction of the all-pervading power of technology. She was member of the artist groups 'frauen-und-technik' and '-Innen', and initiated the cyberfemininist organisation 'old boys network':< a href=""> Her project "Female Extension" (1997) was the hack of the first competition initiated by a museum, in which she flooded the museum's network with submissions by 300 virtual female net artists. Her generator automatically produces art on demand. She published the readers "First Cyberfeminist International" (1988) and "Next Cyberfeminist International" (1999). Sollfrank is currently producing work on the subject of female hackers http:/, and starts first experiments as composer of conceptual electronic music.

  • verena kuni (D) <>
    art historian and media theorist (m.a.). currently working as assistant at the dept. of art history at the university of trier, where she is also coordinator for the interdisciplinary & intercultural gender studies programme from 1996 to 2001 she was assistant at the dept. of art theory/academy of fine arts at the johannes gutenberg-university of mainz, and co-organized a special lecture & teaching programme for women artists teaching assignments at several universities and art academies since 1997, a.o. at the hochschule fuer gestaltung/offenbach, where she is currently involved in the funding process of a center for gender studies in the arts (<zentrum fuer genderforschung in den kuensten>, together with the hochschule fuer musik und darstellende kunst/frankfurt>) and the research project <gender / medien / kunst>. ph.d. project on the (self) staging of the artist's persona and the creation of artist's myths in contemporary art. besides working as a free lance curator organizing exhibitions, video screenings, webspaces and conferences; as well as a free lance author and critic for several art magazines; a. o. kunst-bulletin/zurich, frieze/london, camera austria/graz, eikon/vienna as miss.gunst <>, she runs her own radio show focussing on contemporary art and media, GUNST, on radioX/frankfurt, and regulary spreads the GUNSTagenda newsletter since 1995 co-curator of video programmes for the <kasseler dokumentarfilm und videofest; where since 1999 she is also organising the <interfiction> workhop meetings for art & media networkers co-founder and webmistress of the <filiale zeitgenössische kunst gender vermittlung> member of the <old boys network (OBN) research, teaching, lectures and writings in the field of contemporary arts, (electronic) media and gender related issues. home@

  • helene von Oldenburg (D) <>
    lives in Rastede and Hamburg, Germany. She holds a doctor's degree of Agricultural Science and a Diploma in Visual Arts. Her work - presented in lectures, performances and installations - centers on research of appearances and effects digital media forces on perception, society and future. She is member of the Old Boys Network. Curator of “UFO-Strategies3, Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst, Oldenburg, 2000 and with Claudia Reiche founder of the first interplanetarien exhibition site on Mars THE MARS PATENT, She is curating with Rosanne Altstatt "Cyberfem Spirit - Spirit of Data" 2001 in the Edith-Russ Site for Media Art Oldenburg.

  • claudia reiche (D) <>
    literary and media scientist, artist, with a longtime and completely unavoidable relationship to the Women’s Culture House Thealit Bremen, since 1992 approximately, (see for instance: concept and organisation of "Künstliches Leben:// Mediengeschichten"(Artificial Life://Mediastories), laboratory on media art and theory: Member of the first cyberfeminist alliance 'Old Boys Network': Editing with Verena Kuni "Cyberfeminism. Next Protocols", published by auonomedia. Curating with Helene von Oldenburg "The Mars Patent", the first international and interplanetarian exhibition site on Mars: Has been member a research project at the University of Hamburg "Körperbilder. Mediale Verwandlungen des Menschen in der Medizin" (Bodyimages. Transformations of the Human Being in Media and Medicine) directed by Prof. Marianne Schuller, still focussing on "Living pictures. Medical visualization, artificial life and electronic entertainment", especially the Visible Human Project.

    conference speakers

  • ariane brenssell (D)
    Ariane Brenssell, psychologist, feminist-activist
    lecturer for feminist psychology, research methods and epistomology at the Free University in Berlin
    research on gender, globalisation and everyday-life

  • christina goestl (AU) <>

  • cindy gabriela flores (MEX) <>
    born in México City, in 1975. Journalist working day time in Modemmujer <>, and also doing the networking project ciberfeminista <>, there are veteran and new feminists (from the mexican government congress to students), the site is <>. Editor of Mujeres in the open directory project (ODP) <>. Ex-editorial coordinator in México, at El, the most important latinamerican dot-com and ex-editorial coordinator in Sputnik <>, a digital culture mexican magazine (print and online).; <>
    Modemmujer: <>

  • claude draude (D) <>
    *currently aiming at her M.A. in cultural studies/sociology at the University of Bremen *her thesis is titled 'Cyberfeminism: Netculture, New technologies and Feminist Strategies' *lectures: 'Cyberfeminism for Dummies', Informatica Feminale 2000 in Bremen -'Cyberfeminismus fuer alle!', Baden-Baden 2001 *article on cyberfeminism in 'nylon', issue 3, 2001, Vienna *research and work in the field of (un)popular culture, arts administrative work and artist's support in Kassel and San Francisco *special interest in Manga/Anime, Roleplaying/Games, Cyberpunk, Virtual Worlds, Electronic Music, Graffiti and HipHop, DJing, Contemporary Dance, Textproducing, Photography *background in/desire for/curious about: feminist theory, postcolonialism, queer theory, technoscienes, upcoming genderations.
  • corinna bath (D)
    is mathematician and assistant at the University of Bremen, Computer Science Department. She works, teaches and does research in Applied Computer Science ("Angewandte Informatik/Informatik und Gesellschaft"), transdisciplinarity, gender studies in computer science, feminist science and technology studies with a special interest in the research on and construction of embodied conversational agents. Her PhD thesis is inspirited by the famous Turing test: How are constructions of gender linked to the boundary work that separates the technological from the human/social sphere?

  • faith wilding (Pittsburgh, USA)<>
    merges her biography with that of subRosa. subRosa is a reproducible (cyber)feminist cell of cultural researchers committed to combining art, activism, and politics to explore and critique the effects of the intersections of the new information and biotechnologies on women~s bodies, lives, and work.

  • feminist indymedia austria (AU)

  • genderchangers (NL)

  • isabelle massu <>
    work and live in Marseille and Paris; Member of the French feminist Association Les Pénélopes since 1998. Currently focusing in the training for women on image analysis, and visual media understanding, as a strategic tool for alternative practices of information and communication

    Part of an artist collective and contemporary art structure in Marseille : La Compagnie, she is currently working with Martine Derain on a net art project: a game exposing the gentrification strategies of the city politics.

    in collaboration since two years with on cyberfeminists events and workshops
  • jill scott (AUS/D) <>
    was born in 1952, in Melbourne, Australia. She has exhibited many video artworks, conceptual performances and interactive environments in USA, Australia, Europe and Japan. In 1973, she completed a Degree in Film, Art and Design from Prahran Institute of Technology, Melbourne. From 1975-1982 she lived in San Francisco, where she finished a Masters Degree in Communications from San Francisco State University, and became the Director of Site, Cite, Sight, an alternative Gallery for Sculptural Installation. In 1982 she returned to Australia to lecture in Media at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, Sydney and start the Australian Video Festival. Since then she has worked with computers leading to 3d Animation and Interactive Art. In 1992 she was invited to be a Guest Professor for Computer Animation, in the Hochschule feur Kunst, Saarbrucken, Germany, and in 1993 won a Award of Destinction at Ars Electronica for Interactive Art. From 1994-97 she was an Artist in Residence and project co-ordinator for the Medienmuseum at the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medien Technology in Karlsruhe.(ZKM) as well as a Research Fellow at The Center for Advanced Inquiry into the Interactive Arts, University of Wales, Great Britain, where she was awarded a Doctorate in Media Philosophy. Currently she is Professor for Installation design in the Media Faculty at The Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany

  • jutta weber (D)
    philosopher and science studies scholar; researcher on 'The Concept of Life in Artificial Life and Robotics‘ at the Univ. of Braunschweig, Dept. of History; Ph.D. Thesis on >Contested Meanings: Nature in the Age of Technoscience< (forthcoming 2002, Campus).
    areas of research: science studies of cyber- and lifescience, epistemology, philosophy of science, feminist theory; recent publications: cyberfeminism crossover: talking about intercultural and interdisciplinary experience. in: christiane floyd et al. (eds.): feminist challenges in the information age. leske & budrich 2002; selbstorganisation als 'little invisible hands‘: artificial life und die wunderbare ordnung einer undurchschaubaren welt. in: ulrike bergermann et al. (hg.): hand. körper – medium – technik. thealit 2001; leviathan oder trickster? erzählstrategien in aktueller erkenntniskritik und wissenschafts-forschung. In:

  • irina aristarkhova (Moskau/RU, Singapore) <>
    has been writing and teaching on Feminist Theory & Aesthetics, Cyberart and Cyberculture, and Russian national identity, among other topics. Currently she is working on Cyberarts Database at the National University of Singapore (, and on the Russian translation of Luce Irigaray's 'L'Ethique de la difference sexuelle' to be published in Moscow.

  • les pénélopes (F)
    is a french feminist organisation founded in 1996, using information and communication as a tool to reflect the richness and diversity of women’ actions around the world : The organisation runs a feminist media on the net, including a web TV “Cyberfemmes” since 1999. Les Pénélopes are partners with internationals networks and women organisations and spread their news and press releases among more than a thousand correspondents (individuals and groups). They offer a feminist analysis of the liberal globalisation, on their website and during international meetings and conferences.

  • margaret tan (SG)<>

  • maria fernandez (New York, USA) <>
    Maria Fernandez holds a doctorate in Colonial/Post-Colonial art from Columbia University. Her work bridges the gap between Western and non-Western fields and challenges disciplinary boundaries.Currently she is researching and writing about the role of electronic media technologies in the neo-colonialism of the new world order. She is a member of the cyberfeminist group subRosa.

  • nasya bahfen/SG <>
    Currently: Lectures in Business and Mass Communications at private college TMC
    Educational Holdings and will soon teach Cyberculture at LaSalle-
    Singapore Institute of the Arts.

    Previously: Producer-Presenter; Media Corp Radio Singapore Aug 2000 - August 2001; The commercial Media Corp Radio network is the largest in Singapore with 14 of the island's 29 FM stations.

    Journalist: SBS Radio Melbourne Dec 1999 - Jun 2000; The Special Broadcasting Service is a stateowned radio and television network catering to the needs of Australians from a non-English speaking background.

    Assistant Lecturer: Monash University Melbourne Jun 1999 - Jun 2000; Monash is one of Australia`s largest universities and has an expanding Communications school within its Arts faculty.

    EDUCATIONAL HISTORY: Nasya Bahfen is currently a student at the University of Technology Sydney where she is a recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award. Her doctoral thesis is titled CyberMuslims@Southeast Asia: Processes and Methods Used in the Construction of Islamic Internet Identity. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Melbourne's RMIT University which combined theoretical and practical training in media-related work with a solid liberal arts degree. She has added to this a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from Melbourne's LaTrobe University, graduating with first class honours.

  • RAWA (AF)
    the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, was established in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977 as an independent political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan. An inside to the work of RAWA gives Safora, an acitivist form RAWA. Further informations:

  • sara platon <>
    born in stockholm, sweden, 29 years ago, moved to amsterdam in 1993, done a zillion things since then. most important of them are ---> joined an internet collective and free computer space called ASCII two years ago, formed the Gender Changer Academy together with other female geeks , participant of the worldwide radical newsnetwork called Independent Media Center, gaining a master's degree in communication science, writing a thesis: topic Open Publishing: a radical way of making, selecting and sharing news. major interests ---> free speech, copyleft, digitech and passionflowers.

  • susanna paasonen (FI) <>
    holds an MA in Cinema and television studies (1998) and works as researcher at the department of Media Studies, University of Turku, Finland, where she is finishing a PhD on cybernetic discourses, gender and the popular Internet. Susanna has authored and edited three books on media culture in Finnish and is currently co-editing Women and Everyday Uses of the Internet: Agency & Identity together with Mia Consalvo.
    In addition to her academic work, Susanna has been involved with media arts  as a telerobot in Mats Hjelm's Vox Humana, 1996 as well as networker and author of projects, among them Ground, zine on visual culture (1997, selected in Isea'98 top 20 sites), Hygeia Revisited (exhibited at Isea'98, Liverpool), How to Map a Non-Space? (Omnizone/Plexus 1998), Universal Tourist (Communication Front 00, Plovdiv, BG), and Namesake (CF 01).
    Contact information:
    susanna paasonen, media studies, FIN-20014 university of turku or
    urheilukatu 22 B 32, FIN-00250 helsinki (for Netscape 4 only)

  • Synesthésie


  • uli peter (D) <>
    Dipl., L.A., educational scientist especially on inclusive education,
    independent living/ people first movement. Member of the cyberfeminist
    project group, international womens university (ifu):
    Her current work is based on developing web-design-criteria and sites with
    -so called "mentally handicapped"- women on feminist contents.

  • waltraud schwab (D)<>
    - studied drama, social sciences, languages and fine art in Berlin and London
    - freelance journalist for major German newspaper and their internet editions
    - I am mainly covering the following subjects: everyday-life, Berlin, culture and women
    - I did among other things research on usability of multimedia interfaces, lectured at the Goldsmith College in London and organised women's
    educational programs in Berlin

    more poster presenters

  • action tank
    is an independent agency that deploys high-leverage technology to maximize social engagement, loading seemingly innocuous consumer products such as computer games and PowerPoint presentations with unexpected ammunition. The agency was founded by Jin Lee and Natalie Bookchin in 2000. Bookchin is a 2001-2002 Guggenheim Fellow and faculty member at CalArts in Los Angeles. Jin Lee, a Chicago-based visual artist who teaches at Illinois State University.

  • andrea sick (D)
    (general and conceptual manager Thealit)
    German literature and cultural science studies in Heidelberg, Bremen and Hamburg.
    Teaching assignments in art theory and cultural science on pictoral theories and psychoanalysis at the University of Bremen. PHD with a grant from the Heinrich Böll Stiftung at the University of Hamburg on "Kartenmuster. Bilder und Wissenschaft in der Kartographie" (Map patterns. Pictures and science in cartography).
    Main study and research topics in the area of psychoanalysis, media and cultural theory and cartography. Especially interested in the interface between scientific, artistic and curatorial work. founded 1990 the Thealit together with Anna Postmeyer. Since then, she has been responsible for management in the area of art and culture (today, the Frauen.Kultur.Labor). For she, it has always been and still is important to be able to combine conceptual work with the presentation of my own material - which has lead to the corresponding guidelines in the Thealit Program. In the last ten years, the Thealit have organized, planned and designed a large series of laboratories.
    Publications at Thealit: ÜberSchriften. Aus Bildern und Büchern, ed: Andrea Sick, Ulrike Bergermann, Friederike Janshen, Claudia Reiche, Bremen (thealit) 1994.
    Serialität: Reihen und Netze, ed. Elke Bippus und Andrea Sick, Bremen
    (thealit) 2000, CD-ROM.
    Hand. MediumKörperTechnik, ed. Ulrike Bergermann und Andrea Sick,
    Bremen (thealit) 2001.

    ania corcilius (D)

    anne hilde neset (GB)

  • barbara thoens (D) <>
    political scientist, video activist ("Hacker packen aus", a film by Rena Tangens and Barbara Thoens), ex-bass-player, for more than 10 years active member of the Chaos Computer Club, currently working as a programmer for the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT in the online department.

    bildwechsel (D)

    britta bonifacius (D)

    elisabeth strowick (D)
  • galerie helga broll (D) <>
    Christine Regn/ Helga Broll; born 1964 in nürnberg; lives and works in hamburg; since 1983 working as artist, archivist, in organisation and as curator, part of the group who started an international archive and library for women artists "künstlerinnenarchiv". since 1992 conception of the space, projects and archive at bildwechsel-umbrella organisation for women/media/culture in hamburg together with birgit durbahn.
    since 1998 project work on biographie and representation of women artists.with interviews, club events, exhibitons, seminars gallery plays appereance as gallery Helga Broll at the Liste, young art fair in Basel with Lena Eriksson and Alexandra Vögtli

  • janine sack (D) <>
    21.6.1969 born in Cologne, Germany
    1990 – 98 Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, Visual Communication
    1992 – 93 frauen•und•technik, female artist group
    1993 – 97 -Innen, female artist group
    since 1992 different forms of work with mainly film and video
    since 2001 Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm, gueststudent
    Lives and works in Hamburg and Stockholm.

    lauren cornell (GB)

    lina dzuverovic-russell (GB)

    lola castro (D)

    nana petzet (D)
    The artist Nana Petzet born in Munich 1962 lives and works in Hamburg. Since 1987, when she proclaimed "rational scientific art" her artwork has focused on a critical appraisal of scientific thinking. She has dealt increasingly with enviromental problems in the last few years. At the moment she does an inventarisation of her huge collection of trash and recyclingobjects by useing a sofisticated museum-databank called Hida Midas.
    Groupexhibitions 2000: "Models of resistance", Overgaden, Kopenhagen;"Real work", Werkleitz Biennale, Werkleitz;"Aller Anfang ist Merz", Sprengel Museum Hannover;"Räumen", Hamburger Kunsthalle.
    Soloexhibitions: 1997 Wir machen wahr, was der Grüne Punkt verspricht", Bonner Kunstverein;1998"Endurvinnslustö'nei takk!", Nylendugata 15, Reykjavík; 2000 "Ekka frænka", Gallerí one o one, Reykjavík, 2001"Vom Erfassungstyp zur Untergruppe", multi.trudi, Frankfurt/Main Lectures:1987"Rational Scientific Art", Akademie der Bildenden Künste München 1992 "Reversion als Realisation negentropischer Prozesse im makroskopischen Bereich", Centre d'Art Contemporain FRI-ART,Fribourg
    1993"Das Zoschka´sche Glas", Gasteig, München
    1993 "Modellversuch ROT", Nationalgalerie Berlin; 1994"Kennen Sie Schrödingers Katze?", Symposium "Übergangsbogen und Überhöhungsrampe", Hochschule für bildende Künste; 2000"Technokratie und cultural lag - mein Beitrag zur Verringerung des Abstands", Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringer Straße, München
    2001"Das Sammeln Bewahren Forschen -Abfallwiederverwertungssystem",
    Malkasten, Düsseldorf

  • natalie bookchin (USA)

  • noaltgirls (INT) No Alternative Girls
    Noaltgirls is a collective of artists and curators based in NYC and London. Established in 1996, the collective aims to create a context and engineer situations which aide the survival of independent media practice by organising events, exhibitions and festivals and through collaborating with individuals and organisations placed outside the privately owned gallery system. NoAltGirls members also continue to make video and audio work. All NoAltGirls projects indirectly address issues of gender and social structures that the work operates within.

    lina d russell
    Lina fouded No Alternative Girls in 1996. A curator and media arts practitioner, she is currently working with London based Mute Magazine as Web Editor. Previous projects include curating Luxsquat - at the Lux Gallery, the Interference Series, Tech_nicks, New Media section of the Pandaemonium Festival 98/2001 and No Alternative Girls touring programme (presented in YU, Slovenia). Prior to joining Mute/Metamute Lina worked for OVEN Digital, The Lux Centre and the ICA.

    anne hilde neset
    Anne Hilde currently operates in London as one of the directors of The Wire Magazine where she works full time as web editor/events curator/occasional writer. She is one half of the DJ duo WSS (Wire Sound System) together with Rob Young. Previous projects include curating music events for various festivals including Impakt (Utrecht), Ultima (Oslo), FCMM (Montreal), Rooms For Listening (San Fransisco), the Interference series at the Lux Centre, the The Wire Sessions series at theQueen Elizabeth Hall and the cross media exhibition Invisible London for Sonar (Barcelona). Prior to joining The Wire she worked for Rough Trade record shop and ICA.

    lauren cornell
    is the third member of noaltgirls.

  • rachel baker <>
    Currently disguised as a lecturer at the London School Of Economics where she exposes I.T. students to alternative uses of networks. The exploitation of the workplace is an ongoing project. <>
    As part of Cultural Terrorist Agency <>
    She is responsible for strategies in raising funds for projects that promote cultural interference. The most recent CTA project to be unleashed was the Superweed 1.0, a beta weapon for genetic terrorists.
    Rachel Baker is also a keen advocate of audio networks and has just published a guide

  • rena tangens (D) <>
    artist, lives and works in Bielefeld, Germany. Worked with experimental film, video and free radio. Founded the gallery and art project "Art d'Ameublement" together with padeluun. She brought the first modem to documenta (d8!) and women into the Chaos Computer Club. She was artist in residence in Canada. Rena Tangens is cofounder of FoeBuD e.V. and the BIONIC bbs and curator of the monthly culture & technology event PUBLIC DOMAIN since 1987. Published with FoeBuD the first manual on PGP encryption in German language. She does research on androcentrism and life in the networks, lectures and consulting for companies and institutions as well as the Enquete-Kommission of the German Bundestag. Rena Tangens: PUBLIC DOMAIN - topics, documentation and info on coming events:
    ZaMir network documentation:
    Big Brother Award Germany: Information on /CL network:
    Information on ZERBERUS and CHARON software:
    Pretty Good Privacy:
    Text on androcentrism in the networks:

    rosanne altstatt (USA/D)

    subrosa (USA)
    is a reproducible (cyber)feminist cell of cultural researchers committed to combining art, activism, and politics to explore and critique the effects of the intersections of the new information and biotechnologies on women~s bodies, lives, and work. In subRosa~s definition, second wave cyberfeminism is a promising new manifestation of feminisms that addresses the effects of digital technologies on the political, economic, and personal conditions of women~s lives. subRosa produces artworks, activist campaigns and projects, sneak attacks, publications, media interventions, and public forums that address aspects of technology, gender, and difference; feminism and global capital; new bio and medical technologies and women~s health; and the changed conditions of production and reproduction for women in the integrated circuit.

  • ulrike bergermann (D) <>
    is working at the media science section of the University of Paderborn, Germany, and living in Hamburg. She also is involved in the Frauenkulturlabor Thealit in Bremen (; her doctoral dissertation is about sign language notation as image and/or writing, and she published largely on gender and media related topics (see Her current focus of interest is on "reproduction" in biological and media discourse, see

  • virtuella (D)
    came to life in the spring of 1996 in the city of Hamburg, when she first performed before an audience with a program of computer animations. After that, she soon switched over to presenting the Internet live instead of preserved animations on video. Over the years she developed a certain technique of story-telling using websites, pictures, texts, sounds and whatever she finds on the Internet as raw material. With that she performed in cinemas, clubs, and even educational contexts.
    Virtuella's...hmm, let's say "carrier" is a bit older, though. He was born in 1955 in the sign of Virgo, ascendent Pisces. Astrological analysis of his constellation at birth reveals a peculiar mixture of male and female elements. You may reject the astrologica l perspective and call him a crossdresser or transvestite, if you like. Anyway, gender issues have occupied his/her thinking and feeling to a great extent. Professionally he works as a writer, dealing with the same subjects as Virtuella: media & collective memory, space & life, artificial intelligence & robotics. (under construction)

    vns matrix (AUS)

    other invaluable input by:
  • annette schindler (CH)

  • laurence rassel (B)

    based in brussels, belgium; cyberfeminist doing/organizing some workshops, lectures, meetings, administrative work, radio program, video, websites, translations, art, sound, looking for newtorks.

  • nathalie magnan (F)
    profesor new technologies at l'ecole nationale des beaux arts de dijon. webmistress of the site "les chiennes de garde". president of the gay and lesbian film festival in Paris. has done tv projects for paper tiger TV, DeepDish but also Canal+ (france). has edited a book on video and is currently editing a book on art on teck network. shameless feminist and cyberfem when necessary.


  • neotropic (London/GB) <>
  • slowrapid djs cfm & francis (Leipzig/D) <>
  • die patinnen, Teil 2 (Hamburg/D) <>
    they came to Hamburg to take revenge for a cruel incident which took place in the past. For many years they fought a bloody battle for the control of music to emerge as the most powerful crime family behind the turntables.
    since 1997: club residencies in Hamburg, various DJ tours in Germany, Austria, Swiss
    1999/2000 short movie: „La storia di giradischi a Madame Hu", Casa Nostra Produzione,
    shown at "Shoot-Videos made by artists", Malmö/Sweden; Gallerie, Caduta Sassi, Munich;<> Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst, Oldenburg
    since 2000: Performance of own Turntable Compositions
  • DJ babe NL (Prague/CZ) <>

    organisation: bianka buchen
    video: janine sack, britta von heintze, ania corcilius
    photo: linda putenhardt, monika fabig
    streaming: frauke behrendt, ...
    internet, network: kaya sievers
    cooks: susanne ackers, jill scott, per birr
    best boys: ragnar gestsson
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