Photos of the WorkSpace, at dX in Kassel, Germany

This is the Orangerie in Kassel. The WorkSpace is in this building, next to a garden restaurant. Seven of the windows belong to the WorkSpace.

Inside there are two different sets of furniture. Both of which exist out of single elements that can be put together in many ways.

The whole room can be darkened. Three curved mobile walls can be used to seperate the room as well as projection screens.

Our biggest concern is the *computer* area. The concept of the WorkSpace (according to the architect) follows the idea to hide everything that looks technological from the public. *Technology has to become invisible.*

This means that we have to be aware of a certain *untransparency* of our doings there. As the computer room is an extra room, it is not possible to integrate this area into the WorkSpace. Therefor, all presentations and talks have to be either without on- or offline presentations, or make use of the laser beam and one of the walls.