1. cyberfeminist international @ hybrid workspace documenta X
sept 20 to sept 28 1997 kassel orangerie

Saturday, September 20th
Sunday, September 21st
Monday, September 22nd
Tuesday, September 23rd
Wednesday, September 24th
Thursday, September 25th
Friday, September 26th
Saturday, September 27th

Saturday, September 20th, 1997

8 pm

'Cyber-fem-Oh-thon '
opening dinner meeting by FACE SETTINGS

Sunday, September 21st, 1997


Shu Lea Chang in discussion with Julianne Pierce

Claudia Reiche: "feminism is digital"

SUPERFEM AVATARS/DIGITAL SELFREPRESENTATIONS with Maggie Jahrmann and presentation of CU-SEEMEE project the_living by Debra Solomon


radio show hosted by Josephine Bosma

Monday, September 22nd, 1997

12 midday:

RSI workshop with Josephine Bosma (talk and stretching)

cybersp@ce-interview at the COOP-supermarket
(Debra, Ingrid, Vali, Diana & Susanne)


Josephine Starrs: "vapourware, database abuse and digital aberrations"

Diana McCarty: "who's that girl" (gameshow/quizzing the audience) hosted by Julianne assisted by lovely Thorsten

Verena Kuni: "how hybrid can we act? how hybrid can we be? - feminist web art"

Tuesday, September 23rd, 1997


Alla Mitrofanova: "cyber/net/schizo-feminist embodiment"

Julianne Pierce: interviewing Pit Schultz

Kerstin Weiberg: "dona matrix"

Wednesday, September 24th, 1997


Rena Tangens: "Der Druckertreiber" ("The Printer Driver") Video von Rena Tangens und Barbara Th&oml;ns + presentation

Corrine Petrus and Mathilde Mupe - presentation about webgrrls (Amsterdam)

Babeth interviewd by Dorothea Franck about "media as social sculpture"

Thursday, September 25th, 1997


Sabine Helmers: "enter hack mode", film and lecture

Cornelia Sollfrank: "who invented the information-super-highway?"

Susanne Ackers: "language versus numbers"

Friday, September 26th, 1997

3pm - 6pm:

Ingrid Molnar: "BoarderCrossing Feminism - Cyberfeminism?"

Vesna Jankovic interviewed by Faith Wilding about media activism and women's politics

Barbara Strebel: "communicatable diseases aand transmittable disorders" presentation of a work in progress

Daniela Alina Plewe: "ultima ratio" presentation of a work in progress

Saturday, September 27th, 1997


press conference


Becha and Nina Manojlovic: "hair across the borders", performance

Helene von Oldenburg: "SpiderFeminism" lecture

"Who's that girl?" hosted by Julianne, assisted by Vali


Olga Egorova and Natalja Pershina: "FFC - Factory Of Found Clothes" improvisation of a performance and an installation

GENDER BENDING - Party with DJ T-Ina, Berlin.
everybody with a skirt/dress is welcome!