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Old Boys' Network
International Cyberfeminist Organisation

There are countries, where Cyberfeminism has had a long life and there are countries where Cyberfeminism has never had a life. Germany belongs to the latter...

Cyber and Feminism - two terms coined through recent history, ideology and evangelism. What happens when these two words collide? Cyberfeminism is a new and promising term. It suggests a fresh ideology, embracing the notions of "cyber" and "feminism" and all they signify. It creates a space for women to invent, dissect and alter the trajectories of the new technological and information era.


Fresh ideology?
New code of behaviour?
Artistic playground?
Semiotic straightjacket?

The Old Boys' Network CONTENT strategy will be:
- collect material from literature, art and the media
- analyse and select the material
- connect people, ideas and machines
- connect the past and future
- produce new material in a variety of media
- distribute information utilising all available networks

For these purposes the Old Boys' Network will be temporarily expanded to include eXXperts from all over the world.