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Welcome to the <oldboys>-list!

<oldboys-list> is an international discussion mailing list owned by the Old Boys Network.

OBN is regarded as the first international Cyberfeminist alliance and has been founded in 1997 in Berlin. Under the umbrella of the term 'Cyberfeminism' OBN contributes to the critical discourse on new media, especially gender-specific aspects.

OBN is dedicated to appropriating, creating and disseminating Cyberfeminisms (plural). OBN creates real and virtual spaces where Cyberfeminists can research, experiment, communicate and act. The OBN platforms aim to provide a contextualized presence for the diverse and interdisciplinary approaches to Cyberfeminism. One of these platforms is <oldboys-list>.

If you call yourself ‚woman‘ and would like to contribute to the Cyberfeminist discourse, please do not hesitate to contact us <>, or subscribe yourself by sending an e-mail to:

[instead of pls. Fill in the e-mail address you want to be subscribed with.)

Attached to the <oldboys>-list is a searchable webarchive:

This means that <oldboys>-list is an open list and everyone who is interested can follow what is going on there.