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political scientist, video activist ("Hacker packen aus", a film by Rena Tangens and Barbara Thoens), ex-bass-player, for more than 10 years active member of the Chaos Computer Club, currently working as a programmer for the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT in the online department.

BIT was incorporated in 1993 in the Canaan Islands. The work of the Bureau is best described by its products and services. At Liquid Hacking, a representative will demonstrate BIT videoproducts, using evidence from recent implementations. Applications include suicide-activated videocounter in range of the Golden Gate Bridge; unmanned miniature aircraft missions over the Silicon Valley; videocams implanted in childrens toys to monitor human interactions; and the Bang Bang camera network, a camera system triggered by specialised audio events.

artist, living and working in Hamburg and Berlin.
Free-lance author on 'net culture'
WS 1998/99 und SS 1999 teaching at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg.

1987-1990 studies of fine art, Akademie München
1990-1994 studies of fine art, Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg.
1995/96 Multimedia Product Manager (Philips Media)

Central to her conceptual and performative works in ‘mixed media’ are the relation between art and politics, changing notions of art, the advent of a new image of the artist in the information age, gender-specific handling of technology, as well as the networking and communication as art. Her current topic is the relation between art and hacking.

She was member of the artist groups 'frauen-und-technik' and '-Innen', and initiated the cyberfemininist organisation 'Old boys network' (

1998 publication of the reader ‘First Cyberfeminist International’
1999 publication of the reader ‘next Cyberfeminist International’


Denis, born in 1977, and Evrim, born in 1975, know each other since school, when both were obsessed by the idea of becoming 'real hackers'. From their pocket money, they bought their first modems in 1990, and started their own mailbox, called 'skywards'. In cologne, 'skywards' became a legend, and at very young age Denis and Evrim got in touch with legendary groups as 'Skid Row' and 'Paranoimia'. Later on, they performed as musicians with the bands ' Scoopex' and 'Shinig-8'. At the moment, they are members of the legally acting demo group 'Nuance'. They are currently living in Cologne, do writing for computer magazines, and amongst other jobs, organize the annual 'Cologne Conference'.

GashGirl, Abridged Biography – Sept 2000

GashGirl (Adelaide/Rome) has been working in the field of new media since 1984 as an arts manager, curator, corporate geisha girl, cyberfeminist, puppet mistress and ghost.

Squandered hours investigating the artistic and erotic potential of negotiated email relationships, online virtual communities and web-based narrative architectures have been reverse engineered into multiple immaterialities.

fleshmeat, her novella about love, lust and death on the net, will be published by

dollspace drifts through haunted ponds, detestable pleasures and military bunkers testing the theses that ‘all women are ghosts and should rightly be feared’, ‘all history is pornography’ and ‘laws are made by men who fuck their daughters’.

Los Dias y Las Noches de los Muertos uses the soft architecture and screenal bodies of the net to create a ghost work of counter-memories, opening thresholds of impossibilities outside of pan-capitalism.

Recently GashGirl has morphed into Liquid Nation, a sibyl from future’s memory, joining Identity_Runners, Ephemera and Discordia, throughout a weary transportation of transmissions with time so small it stiches itself through the imaginary framework as a voice revealing the thematics of our current ruin.

Her online projects squat the screens at System-X

artist, born 1960 in Kiel. Linving and working in Hamburg, Germany.
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JODI (E) <>

Josephine Starrs is an Australian new media artist who has a schizoid relationship to new technologies. While entranced with the playful possibilities of the medium, she maintains a healthy paranoia of its obsessions and controlling implications. She is a member of the cyberfeminist artist collective, VNS Matrix, whose early performance work in virtual communities used irony and humour to reveal the gendered biases hard wired into computer culture.

Her video "White" made in collaboration with Francesca da Rimini explores the language of madness to create a hyperreal vision of alienation, psychic disturbance and transcendence and has been screened in Europe, Australia and the US.

She worked with Leon Cmielewski to produce the CD-ROM "User Unfriendly Interface", the installation "Diagnostic Tools for the new Millenium", and the CD-ROM 'Dream Kitchen.'
Dream Kitchen CD ROM:
Bio-Tek Kitchen game patch:




LIA (AU) <>

Natalie Bookchin works collaboratively and independently on and off the Internet. She recently organized a lecture and workshop series <> with Calarts, The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA (MOCA) and Laboratorios Cinematik in Tijuana, Mexico. She is currently organizing an event entitled "Street Action on the Superhighway" for November 2000 LA Freewaves with Ming-Yuen S. Ma. In 1999-2000 she received grants for her projects from the Walker Arts Center/Jerome Foundation (with Alexei Shulgin),Creative Time and the Daniel Langlois Foundation (with RTMark) and Creative Capital. She usually teaches at CalArts in Los Angeles, but this year has a grant to work at the Media Center of art and Design (MECAD) in Barcelona.


RTMark is a corporation that supports the sabotage of corporate products by channeling funds from investors to workers. As ordinary corporations are solely and entirely machines to increase their shareholders' wealth (often to the detriment of culture and life) so RTMark is a machine to improve its shareholders' culture and life (sometimes to the detriment of corporate wealth).

artist, lives and works in Bielefeld, Germany. Worked with experimental film, video and free radio. Founded the gallery and art project "Art d'Ameuble-ment" together with padeluun. She
brought the first modem to documenta (d8!) and women into the Chaos Com-puter Club. She was artist in residence in Canada. Rena Tangens is cofounder of FoeBuD e.V. and the BIONIC bbs and curator of the monthly culture & technology event PUBLIC DOMAIN since 1987. Published with FoeBuD the first manual on PGP encryption in German language. She does research on androcentrism and life in the networks, lectures and consulting for companies and institutions as well as the Enquete-Kommission of the German Bundestag. Rena Tangens , PUBLIC DOMAIN -- topics, documentation and info on coming events: ZaMir network documentation: Information on /CL network:
Information on ZERBERUS and CHARON software: Pretty Good Privacy: Text on androcentrism in the networks:


art historian and media theorist, since 1996 assistant at the dept. for art theory at Johannes Gutenberg-university Mainz, Fb. 24/fine arts. Besides working as free lance curator, author and critic for art magazines (i. a. neue bildende kunst/Berlin, Kunst-Bulletin/ Zurich, Frieze/London, Camera Austria/Vienna). Research, teaching, lectures and writings in the field of contemporary arts, especially on the (public) image of the artist, old and new mythologies in art history, the history and aesthetics of electronic media and gender related issues. Member of old boys network.

4000 (D) <>
The painter 4 0 0 0 is working since many years in healthy distance to the official art world. For the special occasion of the LIQUID HACKING LABORATORY he makes an exception, and shows in the kunstverein nuernberg. 4 0 0 0 is a smart artist, who knows, what he owes to himself and the arts.
4 0 0 0 is pop.
4000 "Home Galleries":
Quote from Erich Maas of Maas Publishing about 4000:
"Der Künstler 4 0 0 0 arbeitet seit Jahren in gesunder Entfernung vom offiziellen Kunstgeschehen - vor allem fern von dessen Markt. Seine Arbeiten entziehen sich dem obligatorischen Vermittlungskontext, kommentieren wenn überhaupt das Geschehen von außen, entgehen so einem Abgleiten ins Selbstreferentielle der Zeitgenössischen Kunst und Kritik und haben auf diese Weise bisher einer Vereinnahmung durch den ´Betrieb´standgehalten.
4 0 0 0 ist ein schlauer Künstler, der weiß, was er sich und der Kunst schuldig ist.
4 0 0 0 ist Pop."


Born in Belgrade in 1966. Graduated in archeology and emigrated to Trieste in 1991. Landed in Ljubljana in 1992. Since then actrive in general affairs of cultural exchange, writing and exhibiting. Since 1995 active in the development of